Research Products

“Financial reality tools for investors”

All of our research starts with one premise: reported financials must be scrutinized and adjusted in a systematic way that eliminates one-time and non-recurring items and attempts by management to boost performance.

The company currently offers the following products:

The Jefferson Torpedo Alert® ratings and Financial Sonar™ reports replicate the work of accountants in dissecting financial report filings and financial analysts who review financial ratios, capturing the interrelationship between financial information and fundamental performance. The end product identifies changes in the fundamental performance of companies over time and has proven a reliable indicator for identifying both positive and negative excess returns since inception in January 2000.

Torpedo Alert® Ratings

Weekly ratings of fundamental performance for roughly 2,500 domestic companies based on nearly fifty indicators that define the ten key dimensions.

Ten page quantitative reports providing overall and dimensional ratings with detailed analysis of our five super dimensions: Earnings Quality, Cash Flow Quality, Operating Performance, Balance Sheet Quality and Valuation. The reports include text, graphs and tables and provide detail on the underpinnings of the ratings.

The Dividend Cash Flow Growth Newsletter focuses on the “sweet spot” of investment returns – dividends and dividend growth – which have proven to be the largest contributor to total returns, dominating capital appreciation over time. 

The Dividend Cash Flow Growth Newsletter is a compilation of the best ideas for growing cash flow from dividends while maintaining yields based on proprietary metrics of Jefferson Research. It is a model portfolio for advisors and clients seeking yield and cash flow growth who are interested in buying research rather than investing their own time and money to generate ideas for their portfolios.